How much does it cost to enter?

The entry fees are the same for all categories but vary depending on whether you are an MAA member or not and whether you submit by the early or later deadlines.

Entry Deadlines:

12.00pm,17th November 2017

Late Entry Deadline:

12.00pm, 30 November 2017


£295 (+VAT) per entry for members

£395 (+VAT) per entry for non members

£345 (+VAT) per entry for members LATE FEE

£445 (+VAT) per entry for non members LATE FEE

These are the applicable rates that your agency agrees to pay from the moment you click to submit your entry, regardless of whether your client authorises your entry or if you supply any other incomplete information, which leads to your entry being disqualified.

Please see the Terms & Conditions of entry and read these FAQs in full. Your online entry submission should include a purchase order reference number (provided by your agency). Your Login has a summary area showing you what payment is due. You will need to indicate whether you are a member or non-member agency for the correct fee to be applied.  Payment is strictly by card at the time of entering.